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Business VoIP Services

At 42Support, our top priority is to act as a partner to your business by providing expert IT services that effectively enable and secure your IT assets. We work with small and medium-sized businesses to maximize security and functionality while reducing IT headaches and unexpected costs. One way we achieve this is through business VoIP services, which act as an avenue for simplified and improved communications, no matter where your clients or employees are located.

What Is VoIP for Business

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services enable us to make phone calls using the internet rather than an actual telephone. This is particularly beneficial in a company setting where office phones are not set up on every desk. For example, now that many businesses have employees working remotely, they can remain connected whether they are at home, in the office, or somewhere else. Calls can be made, received, and transferred via laptops and other devices through a cloud-based platform. This mobility and flexibility simply cannot be achieved with corporate landlines.

Do You Need Special Equipment for Business VoIP Services?

Another great feature of business VoIP services is that you usually don’t need any special equipment. Some companies provide the option of using headsets and other tools, but typically, all you need is a computer or other device and a strong internet connection. Your provider will give you access through an app or sometimes a handset that plugs into your computer, connecting you to the service and your company network.


 Also, even though your call is made via the internet, the recipients of your call do not have to be connected to the same platform. You can still make calls to anyone with a regular phone while using VoIP services

Our VoIP Services

We have worked hard to establish relationships with top-tier telecom carriers, which allows us to act as a single point of contact for VoIP for businesses. This lowers your company costs without requiring you to sacrifice quality. Our team will monitor your services, alert you of any outages, and manage any problems that arise. Our telecom solutions consist of a variety of services, including:

Benefits of VoIP Services

Implementing VoIP services for business provides your company with a wide variety of benefits, including the ability to:

Easily Relocate

If the need ever arises to relocate your offices or enable employees to work from a different location, such as in a pandemic, it’s easy to relocate your phone services. With business VoIP services, your staff is already connected to the business phone lines, so no extra work is required to set up communication options. As long as they still have a computer or other mobile device, they can stay connected to others in the office.

Save Money and Boost Productivity

Business VoIP services on their own will cut down your phone costs and boost productivity by simplifying and streamlining calls. With 42Support, VoIP for business, combined with our managed IT support, you’ll save even more time and money. We’ll handle your VoIP services, your desktops and mobile devices, your systems and networks, and more. We’ll help you minimize your workload and maximize efficiency in all areas of IT security.

Simplify Conference Calls

Not only can employees utilize business phone numbers and functionality when working remotely, but they also have access to conference calls. Whether your staff is in the office or working from home, they can stay in the loop and join in corporate collaborations.

42Support VoIP Services

Contact 42Support for more information about our VoIP services for business, our managed IT services, and other ways we can help you streamline processes and save money.  We’ll conduct an IT assessment and discuss your business goals before creating a strategy together that meets your individual needs and sets you up for success.


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